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Whether it be for security or aesthetic reasons, SJB Electrical can provide you with all of your outdoor lighting requirements, we supply and install a full range of quality outdoor lighting!


Floodlighting can be projected on a walkway from above or alongside the illuminated surface. This can be done for safety and security, as well as aesthetic impact.

Led Spot Lighting 

Led Spotlighting can be used to illuminate rockery style landscape features, plants and trees can be a firm favourite for highlight by a spotlight.

Submersible Lights 

The use of submersible fittings in large water features, ponds, fountains and similar environments to create beautiful lighting effects. These can range from spotlighting from beneath the water to soft, glowing area lighting of the subsurface environment; these can be many colours to suit your designs.

Outdoor Decking Lights

Deck lights make extended outdoor living and dining spaces safe, usable and even more attractive 24/7. LED deck lights do this with minimal energy consumption too so that you can be really creative in your outdoor lighting design.

Wall Mounted Lights 

These lights accentuate the texture of the surface being illuminated. Simply place the fixture close to the plane of the wall, fence or other feature, and direct the light across its surface.

Walkover lights

These lights are perfect for lluminating your porch, garden paths or decking areas and if you choose the drive-over lights you can light up your driveway. Driveways and patios where architectural and landscape elements become visually dramatic features when illuminated from below some have louvres to hide the light source from the main viewing angle.

Bollard Lighting 

An attractive addition to any driveway, giving a clear marker for your entrance or exit with the benefit of assisting you into and out of your car. A good security light to dissuade the would-be burglar.

Marker Lights 

These small bullet lights are ideal for illuminating steps and features with an array of colours and Lux levels to suit all designs; they can be fitted easily into decking areas, or the soffit of an outbuilding to illuminate the doorway or simply to highlight a shrub or feature, company placard etc

If you are considering external lighting at your home in Bromsgrove and surrounding areas, please get in touch with us for a quote or some friendly advice.

If you are planning any type of electrical improvement call SJB Electrical on 01527 350697 

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