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The Consumer Unit or Fuse board is the most important electrical safety device in the home protecting us against electrocution and fires.

It has two vital functions:

1) Protecting cables (and subsequently appliances) from overload which can cause fire, and
2) Protecting humans from the electric shock caused by earth leakage

In the event of an electrical fault occurring a consumer unit/fuse board is designed to disconnect the power supply, having an old-style, outdated or unsafe consumer unit can have severe consequences causing injury, property damage or even death.

Reasons to Upgrade your Consumer Unit


If your property has an out-dated consumer unit/fuse board, it’s certainly a smart decision to have a new one professionally installed. Indeed, there are a number of reasons to upgrade your domestic or commercial consumer unit.


  • Many homes have consumer units/fuse boards that are not compliant with electrical regulations. Having a new consumer unit/fuse board installed will ensure that you adhere to electrical wiring regulation requirements.
  • Improve safety: Old consumer unit/fuse boards and non-compliant consumer units jeopardise the electrical safety of your home. By upgrading your consumer unit/fuse board, everyone who enters into your property will benefit from increased safety standards and be safe from the risk of electric shock.
  • Peace of mind: In complying with electrical regulations and improving the safety standards of your property, you’ll benefit from better peace of mind – safe in the knowledge that things are working as they should.

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