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There is no specific guidance on how often a house should be rewired, just because your wiring is old; it doesn’t mean that it is unsafe. If a property has electrical wiring that is over 25 years old, the chances are that it will probably need upgrading, at least partially, to bring the property in line with the current official safety standards. 

If you have an older home and it has not been inspected for several years, it may be due to have a rewire. Signs that you may need to rewire your home include circuit breakers that trip regularly, frequently flickering or dimming lights, damaged or exposed wires and cables. 

Having an electrical rewire is an excellent opportunity to improve not only safety but also modern convenience by adding more switches and sockets for kitchen appliances, home computers and televisions. If you are selling an older property, a recent rewire can boost its appeal to buyers. 

A partial rewire is where a section or circuit of your electrical installation is replaced or upgraded – sometimes it is only necessary to renew a specific circuit or even just a part of that circuit.

It’s recommended that a periodic electrical inspection is carried out by a registered electrician at least every ten years for an owner-occupied dwelling and five years for a rental property or at the change of tenancy. 

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